About Ultimate RepairV

Ultimate RepairV™ is a patented high-potency formula designed to address pain caused by various equine conditions and injuries. Our product is exceptionally effective, helping your horse get back to peak performance without any unwanted side effects.

Crafted with a 100% natural and patented blend of ingredients, Ultimate RepairV™ targets pain and discomfort within the extracellular matrix (ECM) between cells. It provides relief for both acute and chronic pain, reduces inflammation, and promotes tissue restoration.

Injuries, illnesses, and the aging process can disrupt or damage ECM tissue, leading to pain, inflammation, and chronic issues. Ultimate RepairV™ is the result of decades of research and clinical validation, carefully formulated to deliver soothing, healing, and restorative ingredients precisely where they're needed most. This stabilizes the ECM and swiftly restores healthy tissue function.

The outcome is twofold: rapid and long-lasting relief and recovery for your equine partner! Backed by multiple equine industry experts!

  • Christopher Hardy


    Christopher Hardy is an industry leader in developing innovative health, wellness, cosmetic, and anti-aging products derived primarily from natural aloe vera due to its renowned healing, reparative, and restorative properties. While running global operations for a multi-billion company and distributing aloe vera products worldwide, he witnessed the remarkable healing power of aloe vera for various maladies.

    After a decade of industry leadership, Chris discovered that the industry itself was inauthentic and misleading. Dedicated to helping others find natural alternatives to health concerns and determined to find a better way, he created the entire family of AloeMD™ wellness products, including Ultimate RepairX™ and Ultimate RepairV™--all of which utilize the effectiveness of natural aloe vera and complete ingredient transparency.

  • Amy Robb

    Managing Partner

    Amy Robb is our trusted equine health sales expert with over half a decade of experience in the industry. Her dedication to promoting the well-being of horses has led her to represent leading companies in the equine health sector. Amy's expertise and passion drive her to help horse owners like you find the right solutions for your equine companions.

    Your go-to equine health champion. Discover the benefits of our all-natural equine relief cream. Amy's commitment to excellence ensures that you'll receive the best advice and products to support your horse's health and happiness.

  • Michael Doten

    Sales Director

    Meet Mike, Amy’s partner, a sales veteran with over 40 years of sales experience, the last half decade devoted to the Health and Wellness industry.

    You’ll often find Mike with Amy at major horse events, where he shares his expertise and found innovations in equine holistic health. 

    His presence underscores his commitment to creating a community of horse enthusiasts dedicated to their equine partners’ health and happiness.

  • Zakarya Thackery

    Marketing Director

    Zakarya Thackery is a dedicated professional who found his passion for digital marketing at a young age. His early start in the marketing world ignited a profound enthusiasm that has remained unwavering throughout his career. With a strong foundation in marketing, Zakarya has merged his expertise with a genuine love for the equine world. Now joining forces with some extraordinary experts of the equine industry.