Case Study Highlight
Lori Krenzien

Lori's mare, Elie, faced devastating 14-degree rotations in all four feet, leaving vets with no solutions, suggesting that Lori put Elie down.

Determined, Lori sought her own remedy and discovered Ultimate RepairV, a natural hoof care solution. Ultimate RepairV was able to manage the pain, reduce inflammation, and promote deep healing, enabling Elie to run freely in the pasture once more.

A game-changer for both horse and owner, Ultimate RepairV is now a vital part of their recovery protocol.

Three-Time Olympic Rider
Matt Williams
Matt Williams Testimonial

“As an Olympian, my horses' health and performance is everything. Since using Ultimate RepairV, my horses have shown remarkable improvement in both recovery and performance. This cream has become a part of our daily routine!”

Tyler Held

Tyler Held, a seasoned former five-star groom for event horses, understands the rigorous demands these athletes face.

Enter Ultimate RepairV, a game-changing pain relief and recovery cream. Unlike others on the market, this cream goes beyond mere pain relief, facilitating the natural healing process in event horses. With Ultimate RepairV, horses not only feel good but stay in top shape to excel in the demanding disciplines of conditioning, dressage, show-jumping, and cross-country. 

It's the secret weapon every event horse needs to thrive in their sport.

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